Monday, September 7, 2009

A walk to the Ruins and a Spottie end.

Wednesday 2nd September.

Gather at reception at 7am and board a game drive vehicle for our trip to the Thulamela Archaeological site.

When we arrived at the site we were given brief instructions on how to communicate with the guides during our walk.

Our guides were Jonathon, Eric and trainee Charles

Read Here for information on the site.

Jonathon was No 1 gun and explained the background and history of the site.

No 2 gun Eric,took part in the initial excavations and work that took place at the site.

The distance we had to walk was not great,only 800 metres each way but it was up the side of the rather steep hill.

At the halfway point we sat at the base of a huge Baobab tree while Jonathon passed on the history of the area .

The view from the highest ruins was spectacular and looked down on a baobab forest.

The only wildlife we encountered was a small herd of buffalo, who were rather curious about these people climbing a rocky hillside..

We arrived back in camp at 11am.




Grave of Queen


Grave of King


Eric & Jonathon

IMG_2309 IMG_2279

IMG_2320      IMG_2271 IMG_2324

5pm and we were at reception again waiting for the sunset drive to leave

Su Mari was our guide. She has an extensive knowledge of the area and great spotting skills.

Read her report Here


Female Nyala


Part of a group of 7 lions

We had sightings large and small, feathered and four legged,

fireflies and frogs. A shooting star as well.

Katie took the honours for the best sighting.

A leopard in search of his dinner.

We returned to camp hoping to spot a hyaena, but unfortunately he was well and truly hidden and didn’t show himself until the following nights drive.

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  1. It must have been nice to see something different from the usual animals (laughing smilie) and I am sure that the walk did you good!