Thursday, December 17, 2009


6th 7th & 8th October

No word required… say it all

Singapore's Giant wheel and views.

On a clear day it is possible to see Malaysia and Indonesia














Following taken on Singapore Duck Tour






Singapore Zoo
















Monday, November 30, 2009


Saturday 3rd October

Another full day today.

We leave Pretoria and drive to Hartbeespoort Dam.It is a busy Saturday morning and takes us about 30 minutes to be able to cross the dam wall.

Once across we continue to the Chameleon Markets



Sustenance is required before we hit the market stalls  and we choose the pancake shop just before the markets


Great bargains abound at these markets, but the stallholders are  pushy and in your face.

I knew this would be the the last chance to shop for gifts to take home and was disappointed because we were literally stalked down the aisles.

We drove back to Pretoria with less than expected goodies and readied for our trip to Centurion for a FORUM MEET.

Info & pics on pg15

It was the perfect end to a near perfect holiday in South Africa.

We met so many wonderful forumites and their families, and consider them all to be extended family.


Sunday was a do nothing day….well pack the bags day.

Monday …….. D day.

Bags packed.

Van packed.

Quick stop at a post shop to despatch two parcels.

On our way to OT International by 9.30.

We handed over the vehicle and once inside had our bags wrapped in plastic.

Check in, passport control and boarding can be a headache, but for this trip it was not a problem because Katie had assistance from Singapore Airlines personnel as soon as we entered the terminal.

This assistance had us in the departure lounge in less than 30 minutes.

A quick meal and last minute gifts and it was time to board.

Departure was 12.30pm

Sadness descended but another trip in on the drawing board.


Not soon enough.


Coming up: Singapore/Trip highs and lows/more photos

Monday, November 23, 2009

Time to continue…..

Friday 2nd October


Today is our first full day in the city(Pretoria).

An early start is needed to fit in all we have planned.

Really the early start was needed to pack 2 suitcases we were sending home as unaccompanied baggage (more cost effective than excess on the plane).

We left our accommodation at 8.30 for the 20 minute drive to SanParks head office

Check Here

We enjoyed coffee and biscuits with NedretS, ZakiyaF, andMelanieG.(and a handsome young man whose name escapes us)

Lots of tales were swapped and we realised all too soon that nearly 90 minutes had passed.

Time to say our farewell to our newfound friends……this happened so many times on this trip…..and we drove off into a traffic nightmare.

We were taking our 2 extra suitcases to Jet Park, close to OT airport, to be shipped home.

We travelled on the R21 and expected the trip to take 40 minutes.

Not far into the trip the traffic was starting to slow, and we noticed a large sign flashing that there was an accident ahead.

Eventually we passed the scene of the accident and soon after reached Jet Park, our 40 minute trip taking 150 minutes.

We found the freight company but finding a place to park was nigh impossible…….managed to get a spot and the bags were despatched.

The supervisor suggested the N1 would be the quicker option to drive back to Pretoria.

Guess what? Half an hour quicker.

I will never again complain about the traffic in Sydney and Canberra.

The road construction just went for k’s (on both the R21 & N1) and one hopes traffic will move smoothly when the work is completed.

We witnessed many near accidents on the N1 and also had a little dingle in the lane next to us. Three cars at least bumper to bumper, and I had left the camera at home.

Arrived home in Pretoria with a pounding headache and went in search of a strong coffee and food.

Friday evening we visited friends for a meal.

We  had our first stay in KNP with Eugene & Jireh in 2001 in the tents at Tamboti, and that is where our fascination and love of KNP was truly ignited.

We manage to visit them each time we visit South Africa, and also they visit us when they are in Australia visiting their children who live here.


Coming soon

Markets and a mega meet

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I need a few days before I post again.

Hi everyone.

I do have more stories and photos to post, but have been having a battle with my laptop and jetlag and the cold I caught in Singapore.

Need to let you know that Katie has been to our GP and leg is definitely not broken and we will be looking for a physio next week.

I am posting two photos taken by RaymondK at Berg en Dal. I am disappointed that we missed the caracals. He had a sighting before we arrived in August and this one last Friday.

The Nomadic Males Around Berg En dal 178

The Nomadic Males Around Berg En dal 169


Monday, October 5, 2009

Final Exit

Thursday 1st October

Our farewell pics. Lion and lioness who were rather shy this morning and moved behind the bushes to mate.

IMG_9499 IMG_9522 IMG_9531 IMG_9534 IMG_9544 

We had our documents stamped at the gate and our 36 nights were behind us.

Now for the long drive to Pretoria.

There were a few areas of patchy rain but trip was uneventful.

We arrived at our accommodation in Moreleta Park and unpacked for the last time in South Africa.

We stayed Here for our four nights in Pretoria

Last Full Day.

Wednesday 30th September.

A quick trip to Malelane for David to get a haircut and a beer stop at Pick n Pay and we were on our way for the day.

We had a quick stop with the dogs who were still on the S114 and headed up to Afsaal picnic spot.

We did a bit more last minute shopping and had a quick chat with Jappie the manager(rugby and cricket) before heading off on the H2-2.

We again had all the usual sightings.

Our first special for the afternoon was a rhino emerging from his mud bath at James pan.

IMG_9055 IMG_9063

He was followed by a herd of more than 40 ellies

IMGP9384 IMG_9122 IMG_9130 IMG_9153

The dogs again doing what dogs do best.

IMGP9417 IMG_9163 IMG_9164 IMGP9433 IMG_9227


IMG_9262 IMG_9277

Lion and lioness on the Berg en Dal road



The King opposite side of road to bush braai

IMG_9392 IMG_9452

The King had been on our wish list and it was great to get some photos of him. He wasn’t close to the road and my camera with the bigger lens died after a few shots. Quite happy with what we got though.

Time was moving and we needed to get back to camp.

We had invited Martie to the restaurant to share our last meal in the Park, and we still had the task of packing our bags for the trip to Pretoria.

We enjoyed a special sighting at the restaurant. A large spotted genet strolling past the back window.

Also noticed an accident waiting to happen at a nearby bungalow.

Sunroof left open in a new Volvo.

Could have been an interesting story here if the vervets and squirrels had been more observant.

Our OWN Leopard.

Tuesday 29th September.

A lazy and late start today.

Decided to drive to Crocodile Bridge along S114 and S25

IMGP9222 IMGP9234 IMGP9275 IMGP9278 IMG_8943 IMG_8945 IMG_8968 IMG_8970 IMG_8973

We had lunch at Crocodile Bridge and purchased a few gifts to take home.

1.50pm we retraced our steps to Berg en Dal.

Lots of sightings, but this was one of our highlights.Pics are poor quality but proof of our sighting. He crossed the road in front of us and into the bush on the side, walked along a few metres, looked back at us and vanished.

We drove the section of road again but could see no sign of him.

IMG_9007 IMG_9009 IMG_9015 IMG_9022

These banded mongoose were a circus in the making

IMG_9023 IMG_9025 IMG_9026 IMG_9027 IMG_9028

The dogs at the end of the S114 capped off a great day of sightings

IMGP9288 IMGP9300 IMGP9319

After a hard day on the road we enjoyed a “home cooked meal” with Martie Goddard.

She is a wiz at whipping up a delicious meal and cooking on campfire.

Thank you for your hospitality Martie.

Sadness is starting to descend when we return to our bungalow…..only two nights and one day remaining for us in the park.