Thursday, September 17, 2009

A day to forget

Friday 11th September

Early start for our morning drive.

It was cold and there was mist hanging over the river.

Katie had an accident before we left our bungalows and we all know it resulted in a nasty break at the base of her leg.

This is not the place to discuss why the accident happened, and I will keep everyone up to date on Katie's progress.

One important point not to be overlooked….. her spotting skills have not diminished.

Katie hobbled to the vehicle for the drive.

Majority of guests wanted the guide to find big cats.

We settled for a jackal and hyaena.

Vultures and Bateleur were the first to be spotted.

The further we drove the heavier the mist/fog.

Lots of general game and we were in luck with the hyaena and jackal.

No cats to be seen, but a large herd of buffalo and ellies galore.

We were disappointed on completion of the drive, because as happened the night before we were the only patrons to “tip” the guide

Bridgeman had great spotting skills and imparted a wealth of knowledge on both the drives.

I guess the Americans and others only pay up for the big 5.

You can find David's trip report Here  .It will be minus pictures until we get home to OZ and can download with ease.I am not sure where his report is up to at the moment, but it is all dependent on internet and time. :)

We spent the day in camp waiting for Katie to return from Phalaborwa hospital.

These photos were from our bungalow.

IMGP6574 IMG_2441 IMG_6166 IMG_6175

Katie arrived home well after gate closing time with a plaster to her knee.

Hugs go out to Bennet from SanParks who transported her to the hospital and waited.

Biggest hugs of gratitude go to Scipio and Scorpion aka Dolf and Dianne for getting her to a doctor who could x-ray and plaster her leg.

They then transported Katie back to Olifants with Bennet acting as escort.

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