Friday, September 4, 2009

A do nothing day.

Saturday 29th August.

We were expecting a call from Chris today so stayed in camp for phone signal.

We hadn’t spoken to him for a week and we were looking forward to hearing from him.

The anticipated call hadn’t arrived by 11am which was well after the time arranged.

The heat of the day was upon us now so pointless to venture out.

The highlight of the morning was vervet monkeys gaining entry to the car at the next bungalow and raiding the food….jumping around and setting off the car alarm.

There are signs posted in numerous locations warning visitors to keep their vehicles closed and locked because of the thieving baboons and vervets.

Mid afternoon we drove out of Kruger and into Malelane….5k and not an animal to be seen.

We visited a SanParks forum member Vlakvarksegat & SO (met them on our previous trip to Kruger)

A quick visit to the local supermarket and an early evening meal at a nearby coffee shop and we were on our way back to the Park

Avo’s and oranges were purchased from a roadside stall (thanks for the tip Freda) and we were ready to re enter.

No photos today, so I will post some extras from the sightings on Friday






  1. Bugger you were stuck in the camp waiting. It has been like that for me all weel. I keep waiting for a call of an night and don't get one. Last one I got was Sunday night.

    Hope you are having a good time.

    Love you all

  2. OMG your wildlife photos were great!!!!
    Glad to hear you finally got your photo..strange that I push get no answer but you get call...anyway.

  3. Maybe you needed a "do nothing day". Sorry that you did not hear from Chris.