Friday, September 18, 2009

Paraplegic ?…Please explain!!!!!

Sunday afternoon 11th September.

A quick lunch at Satara and we headed off to another kill zone.

Passed a group of waterbuck


This lady was 30 metres from the road and still guarding a carcase.


I wonder where the rest of her friends are hiding.

This lady doesn’t know the  rules


I could be looking at my next meal…..


Woolly neck stork!!!(I hope)



Taking a break from the above lion kill


We were then fortunate enough to witness our own kill and we were the only vehicle present

The first ground hornbill killed the tortoise by constantly picking it up and banging it on the ground.

It pulled the first stringy piece of flesh out and then passed the shell on.


IMGP6913 IMGP6923 IMGP6937

We arrived at Orpen mid afternoon and checked in for Tamboti camp.

We drove the short distance to the camp and were stunned when we discovered that Katie would have to climb 8 steep steps and it was only her second day in plaster and she was still in a great deal of pain.

We noticed the tent next door had a ramp and returned to Orpen reception.

They informed us that the expected occupants of 33 had a paraplegic in their party and we could fully understand why it was allocated to them.

My understanding of paraplegic is paralysed from the waist down and I am going to make no further comment at this stage.

Our first night at Tamboti was spent at Talamati and we had to drive the 30k after gate close.

Wow what an experience……9 rhino for starters.

We also had 2 honey badgers and 7 jackals at the hide later in the night.

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