Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The day St Kilda lost the AFL Grand Final

Saturday 26th September

We needed to postpone the start of our morning drive, to listen to the lead up and bounce of the AFL grand final between St Kilda and Geelong.

First quarter underway and we head out for a short while.

We found all the usual….ellies, buffalo, rhino, waterbuck, kudu, giraffe, impala and a variety of birds.


Time to head back to camp for a footy score.

The game was nearly finished when we arrived, and sadly the result was not the one we anticipated.

St Kilda played brilliant football for the entire season and left their worst game for this crucial match.

However it is only a game and the 2010 season is just around the corner.

Another quick drive.

Ellie taking a mud bath.




The temperature was now well into the 30’s and I think everything wanted to find shade.

We set off again around 4pm and found these 3 lions high on a rock looking down on the surroundings.

IMGP8987 IMG_8502 IMG_8519 IMG_8536

On our way back to camp we had 2 sightings of Sable.

5 at Shitlhave Dam and 4 on the road back to camp.

IMGP9003 IMGP9012

The second group were not close and the light was fading so photos are not the best

IMGP9040 IMGP9044

There were 2 highlights today and neither were captured on film.

Vervets sitting on the back of a chair at the next bungalow trying to open the door.

One was really determined…..bum on chair back ….legs on the door to steady himself and hand jiggling the lock.

Four vervets opened the screen window of the bungalow on the other side and were flying in and coming out with fruit.

David raced over and they made a hurried exit with the last banana. He pulled the screen down and as he was closing the window the smallest vervet crept up behind him and was about to swipe him on the leg. David turned to walk to the next window and the little bugger had second thoughts and scampered off.

As David was closing the second window he heard another commotion and thought he must have locked one in………no the occupant had been resting in the other room and missed the fun

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