Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Vulture(unfeathered)Day.

Wednesday 16th September.

Spent the day driving in the Satara area and also a quick trip to Orpen.




IMGP7219 IMGP7239 IMGP7241

We arrived at a site where at least 4 lioness were stalking a wildebeest.

We sat for a few minutes.

They started the chase and as much as I would like to see a kill the business end happened out of sight.

A car several lengths behind us heard  the struggle and the wildebeest’s final fatal moments and I was thankful that we were far enough away not to hear.

I could not believe the reactions of the assembled crowd.

Motors revving and gravel spitting, they advanced along the road to see if they could see where the kill happened.

No road rules, no manners, just a rush to see the kill.

It was impossible for us to turn and travel away from the scene.

Once we had “escaped” the madness we headed for the infamous S100 

Lion 6 lioness and 3 cubs in this pride.

This sighting was a civilized gathering of both animal and humans

IMGP7257 IMGP7269 IMGP7281 IMG_6889 IMGP7317

Hornbill watching the lions

IMGP7338 IMGP7343 IMGP7393 IMG_6915



More eyelashes to kill for


Fish eagle with a large fish

IMGP7474 IMGP7482

Ellies protecting their young.

There was a smaller one that we couldn’t get a decent shot of.

There was a young couple in a small car getting really close to this herd.

I am sure they don’t realise the danger they are putting themselves in or the stress they are giving the animals.

The older ellies had to keep manoeuvring to keep the small ones hidden.

We took the shots below with 50-500 lens so we were not as close as the other vehicles.

IMGP7495 IMG_7001

A black-backed jackal marking his territory


Mid afternoon shower


Another no brainer. What are these people thinking? No one is bothering to check behind her.


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  1. "What are these people thinking?" They are not!