Friday, September 25, 2009

Peppermint Crisp Pancake.

Tuesday 22nd September.

Our only drive today was a round trip to Afsaal picnic spot.

Game was abundant but the feathered ones feature in the photos.

Highlight of the day…the peppermint crisp pancake for lunch at Afsaal.

Brown headed parrot



IMGP8510 IMG_7856


Giant Kingfisher


Grey Heron

IMGP8554 IMGP8560



Pied kingfisher and cattle egret

IMG_7864 IMG_7867 IMG_7898

Another member of SanParks forum, Crocfan was also in Biyamiti and we had a quick chat .

The list of forumites we are meeting is growing longer every day.

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  1. Hi Prings...great photos as usual...just thought I would send my love and....

    GO THE SAINTS!!!!!!!!

    Thinking of you Mr. P.