Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sunday a rest day

Sunday 20th September.

We decided to have a lazy day today.

Washing needed to be done and packing organised before our trip to Nelspruit on Monday.

Mid morning we drove to Nkuhlu picnic site.

The shop here is renowned for buffalo pies

Read about them Here

We had already sampled the pies on a previous visit and were looking for something more than a toasted sandwich or burger for Sunday lunch.

We noticed a small flyer at the checkout…..

Sunday Buffet Lunch @ Nkuhlu.

WOW, all you can eat buffet in the middle of the bush. What more could you ask for. A bargain as well at A$12.50 and less for Brook and Cam.

Not a lot of photos today. A few of my favourites below


IMG_7698 IMGP8346 IMGP8365 IMG_7711 IMG_7727 IMG_7751

This was the highlight of the day. A black rhino

IMG_7776 IMG_7782 IMG_7809

We did have an incident to report to management.

There is a display outside reception on poaching and there are also skulls from animals placed around this area. When we were leaving the take away around 9pm the previous night we noticed a male sitting over near the skulls. I watched for a few minutes and noticed him placing objects in his backpack. David asked him what he was doing and he casually replied “I am a dentist”.

Nasty man had stolen teeth from the croc. He then strolled off to his bungalow. Another time I needed my camera and didn't have it.

He was wearing a red polar fleece jacket and carried a green backpack and also had a beard. Remember “Mr Dentist”….karma

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