Monday, September 21, 2009

Tortoise Crossing.

Thursday 17th September.

We decide to drive back to Letaba today.


IMG_7058 IMG_7065 IMG_7104 IMG_7135 IMGP7676

This armoured fellow started to cross as we rounded a corner.

We pulled across the road in case a speeding car made him a flattened statistic.

IMGP7691 IMG_7141

The Lilac breasted roller was next.

Little did we know what would be around the next bend


I won’t comment on this photo,but when we arrived at Letaba I checked all the car and truck grilles for feathers.


We enjoyed breakfast on the terrace and Brook and Cameron revisited the Elephant Hall Museum.

Nearing Olifants was our first Klipspringer for the trip.Finally after 22 days we could cross him off the list.


A few minutes later another Tortoise. He was much smaller than the earlier one….maybe 3 inches wide.

He was part way across the road and when we stopped he moved under the van.

He eventually scurried out from behind the back wheel and into the grass.

IMGP7741 IMG_7175

Everyone needed to share the water. It was 34C


Reed buck




4.15pm it was still 36C

We drove along the S100, but unfortunately cars outnumbered the animals.

We had a brief glimpse of the lions we had seen yesterday and Katie found button quail.

We think this is a Brown snake eagle, but we are not up to speed on bird ID’s..


The Saddle billed stork was perched at the top of an extremely tall tree.

The S100 didn’t fail us. There is more to see than the “cats”.


Moving day tomorrow so a little sleep in for the oldies.

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