Monday, September 21, 2009

Bumping into “Mites”

Friday 18th September.

8.45 and we are ready to leave Satara……one of our favourite camps.

We make a detour for one last look at the web cam and a visit to the shop.

Purchases stowed we are ready to get in the van when I notice that the van parked in the next row is sporting a yellow ribbon around the driver’s side mirror.

Mmmmm a forumite……who could it be?

RayK and his family from the USA.

We spend a few minutes chatting and discover that they are spending the next 2 nights in the tents at Lower Sabie and we will be there for the next 3 nights.

We arrange to meet in Lower Sabie.



Abdims stork…feel free to correct me


Leopard in tree causing another huge traffic jam. He is to the left of the broken limb.

IMGP7910 IMGP7935

We take a break at Tshokwane. In two years this picnic spot has been turned into a trendy bush cafe.

Scrummy food on the menu and great coffee as well.

You must be aware at all times that there will be a bird, baboon or vervet monkey close by who will want to either share or steal your food.

You can even order a picnic basket filled with goodies for your game drive.

We enjoyed a second coffee and it was time to leave for Lower Sabie travelling on the H10.

This road was abundant with both animals and birds.

This young cat was close to the road and we spent a few minutes with him.

IMGP7949 IMG_7342 IMGP8109

Next we had 2 klipspringers.


Reed buck


Male Reed buck


When we arrived at this sighting there was only the giraffe which had been killed earlier.

We scanned the grassy area and just as we were about to leave this lady walks in.

She walked around the carcase , rolled on her back and started to play with the neck.

She then started to feed

IMGP8249 IMG_7442 IMG_7454

We continued on and our next sighting was another yellow ribbon.

TonyT from South Africa.

Hyaena not far from camp gate ….late afternoon.



Tomorrow is walking day.

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