Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Cheetah Day.

Monday 7th September.

I can’t believe we are out the gate by 6.12am.

We make our way to the S50.

The car in front points into the bush and then drives off.

I check with binoculars and am certain it is  “cats”.

Katie checks and says they have spots……

A car pulls up and asks if we can see the CHEETAHS.

There are four, but they are will hidden in the scrub.










I am not concerned the photos are fuzzy. We spent 45 minutes with these elusive elegant sophisticated creatures.

I need to search our photos when we get home to see if we managed to get the four in at least one shot.

We moved on and noticed 2 reed buck sitting in the bushes and we were told by the other group at the sighting that the 4 cheetah unsuccessfully tried to stalk the reed buck after we left.

Eland was next to be crossed off the wish list.

Not a large herd, but three standing well back from the road.


The next waterhole was a mix of zebra wildebeest tsessebe and starlings….photos posted yesterday taken at this waterhole





Our final stop for the day was where the magnificent Alexander passed on into ellie heaven


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