Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shimuwini to Olifants

Thursday 10th September.

We didn't rush to leave Shimuwini.

Sat and watched the birds and hippos.

Two saddle-billed stork skimmed above the reeds and landed not far from the water bucks and impala.

Van packed we left slowly, taking the loops that came close to the river.

A duiker was next to the road and while taking its photo an elephant trundled across in front of us.




Another mother and baby on the Phalaborwa-Letaba road


Construction still underway at the Oliphant's restaurant.15th December is the current completion date!!!!


We settled in quickly to our bungalows and prepared for our sunset drive.

No photos but great sightings including African wild cat, a leopard in a tree and a leopard walking.

Leopard in tree and AWC sightings were both interrupted and spoilt by a male guest who jumped out of his seat trying to get the perfect shot…even though the light was failing.

Highlight apart from the cats was sitting in the darkness watching hundreds of fireflies perform their magic on either side of the vehicle.

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