Saturday, September 5, 2009

Travelling North.

Sunday 30th August.

Today we undertake our longest trip between camps.

No call from Chris and we set off at 6.20.

Berg en Dal to Letaba…..240 kilometres….loaded van and maximum speed limit 50 kph.

Factor in the must photo this bird/animal sightings, a mini meet, loo stops,food stops, ice cream stops and we have a long day ahead.

Breakfast was a mini meet at Afsaal picnic spot.

Remember a few days back I posted a pic of Dougie the Beagle from Durban….well we met up with his Mum and Dad who were on their way out of the park.

We enjoyed our breakfast with Hugh and Elizabeth and it was another chance to meet face to face a forumite we have been meeting in cyberspace.

We checked the resident scops owl,the all too friendly starlings and hornbills and then Japie the manager of Afsaal invited us to have a little friendly competition  with him….Aussies v Saffies.

Appropriate timing because the Wallabies were defeated by the Springboks the previous day.

Bokdrol Spoeg

“Bokdrol Spoeg (buck dung spitting) is an indigenous sport in which small, hard pellets of antelope dung are spat with the aim of reaching the furthest distance.”

The little comp involves rolling a small shiny pellet around your mouth to moisten it and then spitting for dear life

One must be ever so careful not to swallow the pellet because it is Impala poo.

Can’t remember who won, but it was great fun and a chance to laugh at ourselves.

More info here

Fun and games over it was time for more goodbyes and back on the road.

We had great sightings both animal and feathered and again too many to choose from to post

IMG_2362 IMG_2369 IMG_2375 IMG_2380 IMG_2383  IMG_2541


IMG_2555 IMG_2563 IMG_2598 IMG_2804 IMG_2830


IMGP5030 IMGP5055 IMGP5066 IMGP5087

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  1. Lovely pics Lorraine and a wonderful Leopard!!!!