Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Cameron has been looking forward to today for twenty two months.

His holiday you may ask?

No…. the braces taken off his teeth.

The retainer is fitted tomorrow.

There will be lots of smiling photos.

Smiling to show off the new look teeth and smiling because we will be leaving for Sydney immediately after his dental appointment.

A few sad moments as well.

I had to say goodbye to special people I have  known for only five weeks. Time will fly though and I will be back “on the job”.

Saying goodbye to my girl Callie was the hardest.

I am sure she knew something was not right when all the suitcases started to appear in the family room. She has been clingy and sad eyed for more than a week


Callie is staying with Rae and her beautiful children and their Lab, Mitchell, and has probably perked up already.

Food will make her happy.

Next report will be from Sydney.

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