Saturday, August 29, 2009

The loooong drive to Durban

We were barely on the road and encountered a road block for vehicle inspection.

So much to write about this journey.


Livestock sheep goats cattle horses donkey and carts

Herders on horseback

Continuous uphill and downhill roads

Huts clinging to the hillsides and lining the ridges

Washing on fences

Painted faces

Chaotic towns

Food stalls

Clothes and shoes for sale

Vegetable stalls

Throbbing music

Grass fires

Livestock on road

Women cutting grass

Finally Kwa Zulu Natal

Speed camera

Pine plantations

Saw mill

Sugar cane harvesting

Burning the cane fields


Hillsides scattered with tiny houses

Selling fish by the road

The closer to Durban the stronger the winds

We really hit Durban at the best possible time…peak hour.

Taxis and buses and mayhem

We arrived at our apartment and unpacked only what we needed for the night.

We had “mites” to meet…..


  1. That was quite a list; enough for a week not for a day!

    Micetta (Lisbeth)

  2. Keep em coming Lorraine..what a day you have had.
    Bought a new camera to replace the lost one so I can start practising tomorrow.

    Have fun.