Saturday, August 8, 2009

Marching to September

We have been supporters of St Kilda AFL team for many years.

They have managed only one premiership and that was way back in 1966.

Today the Sainters beat Hawthorn by 25 points.

They are undefeated this season….19 wins.

A brief look at today’s game

Hope they don’t save all their losses for the vital games in September.

Unfortunately we will be in Kruger National Park during September and will be depending on SMS updates from home for their last games.

Win or lose from next weekend, they have had a dream season.

Over the past five years David has suggested that he would get a tattoo to celebrate a Flag for St Kilda but with one proviso, he must be in Australia when and if they win.

Great odds this year and he is relieved…. we will be out of the country.



Join the Sainters Facebook page.

Link to Facebook

By the way…4 more sleeps in Canberra

Tomorrow is the day….. I want to finish the packing.

Wanting and doing ……well that is another story.

I am starting to get excited and also excited for Cam and Brook.

Brook is an old hand at flying but only in small planes and always between Canberra and Newcastle.

Cam has only been on a grounded plane during a school excursion.

Lots of laughs this afternoon about Cam and flying.

John and Justin (frequent flyers) were giving him lessons on eating ,sitting and going to the loo in an extremely confined space. Absolutely hilarious and kicking myself for not taking photos.

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