Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally we are off to a SPECIAL PLACE

Sunday 7th March

Breakfast, a quick shop at Spar and we are on our way.

A quick detour to KMIA to collect MTN modem was followed by lunch at White River.

Orpen Gate was now in our sights.

We encountered many groups of churchgoers as well as wandering goats and cows.

The Sunday drivers who wouldn’t move to the left and allow faster vehicles to pass were the biggest obstacle.

We drove through rain on the road into Orpen.

Formalities at the gate were swift even though the system was down.

We refuelled the van,moved the cameras to the front seat and drove in for our 10 day stay.

First sighting after the webcam was a small herd of impala followed by zebra and wildebeest.

The light was not good for photos, so just took a few for proof

Tamboti turn off produced the highlight of the day.

Mum Jackal and her 3 youngsters. Jumping and chasing one another across the road and though the bushes. Impossible to get more than 1 in each photo

IMG_1725 IMG_1735 IMG_1741


Time was running short and we made our way to Talamati Bush Camp.

We sighted our first ever European roller and Carmine bee eater.




We checked in at Talamati, and were allocated #3.

We walked to the hide and there was another first for us.

Woodland kingfisher :) 

The camp manager visited around 8 and enquired about the injury to Katie’s foot during our previous visit in 2009.

Tomorrow an early start and a long trip south.

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