Saturday, March 6, 2010

Could we possibly leave Sydney on time?

Saturday 6th March.

Not when inter connecting flights are really late.

We only started boarding at departure time.

Not to worry…..what is an hour or so added to our arrival time.

A glass of champagne heralded the start of an eventful trip.










Turbulence delayed the serving of lunch, but only for ten minutes.

Good food and a glass of wine and we thought it would be all smooth flying.

Three hours later an announcement asking for a Dr or Nurse to make themselves known to cabin crew cuts into my movie.




We are sitting in premium economy (32 seats) and are confident the drama is not in our area.

Well the drama didn’t originate in our area, but was moved there probably because of the empty seats.

An older gentleman had taken ill, and he was moved to the row in front of us and placed on oxygen. Lots of concern shown by the crew and the Doctor/passenger.

I hope the drama is behind us.

Well the poor gentleman is seriously ill and we are diverting to Perth as I type.

I hope we arrive there before his condition worsens.

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