Saturday, October 3, 2009

A walk to remember.

Monday 28th September.

Away from camp by 5.30 and a short drive to the area past the bush braai turn off.

The day was overcast and windy.

Raymond decided to walk up the hill.

Now I don’t mind a walk even a brisk walk because my beagle Callie takes me on a 3k brisk walk every day at home and sometimes twice a day and we also walk a hill or two.

Up the hill…..mmmmm rhino have just passed this way, we will try and follow.

Down the hill, round the hill,up, down and around.

Doesn’t Raymond realise he has two oldies on this walk?

Around 7am we had reached a high rocky outcrop and stopped for our break.

What an incredible view of the area and also the camp itself.

Time to move and game to be found.

Success… we find two rhino not too far away but they know we are near and run away.

After the rhino ran off there was a herd of impala.

Down the hill we go and Raymond sights another 2 rhino camouflaged in the bushes.They moved off and we tried to move downwind of them to get closer.

A kudu calf and then its mother are next.

We were now on our way to rocks overlooking the bush braai area.

One of the guests on the walk then broke a few rules…..fell out of line and then picked up an empty snail shell that was well off the track we were walking on. Obby explained what the shell was and Raymond moved to the rocks.

He quietly beckoned us to come to the top of the rocks. Three rhino in the clearing….mum dad and the calf.

We observed quietly for ten minutes and then spent fifteen minutes walking down to the vehicle.

I must admit that David and I were, to use an Aussie term, “bloody knackered” but what an experience to be so close to the last group of rhino.

Raymond and tortoise shell


Impala horn


Raymond and Obby


Raymond and rhino…calf is hidden


More to come later including sunset drive with Martie Goddard.

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  1. Followed each and every step of your progress in South Africa.
    Unbelievable that your time is nearly over.
    Wishing you a great Gauteng Meet. Have fun and say HI to all.