Sunday, October 4, 2009

Squirrel Tales

Monday 28th September cont.

Today was a no camera day for me and my pics from the walk were taken with Katie’s camera that slipped easily into my pocket.

Back in camp after the walk we met Stephen Nel as we were driving to our bungalow (26). He is a great guy and explained that there was a slight problem with some of the bungalows in our area and the matter was being attended too. This didn’t bother us because we were going to drive to Malelane after a quick coffee.

Katie & I were in the kitchen and lounge area laughing at the thundering sounds made by the squirrels as they chased one another over the roof, down the walls and up into the trees. Next minute a small clump of thatch landed in front of Katie while she was standing at the sink and as she looked up a bushy tail flicked and bright eyes surveyed the scene. He then ran along the main beam, did a quick turn and scurried back and out the hole.

We rang reception and within minutes a worker was assessing the situation. Ladders and wire appeared and the squirrel entrance was closed.

We made our trip to Malelane and had lunch at the cafe near the Spar(a regular stop for us when we were in town) and then collected chicken to have for supper after our drive.

Raymond had asked us to be at the drive collection point at 4.30.

We arrived at the same time as Martie.

She had made the trip from Pretoriuskop and had spent the afternoon getting battered and bruised setting up her van.

Raymond had arranged that he take only us and Martie and our group in the small vehicle.

We enjoyed hearing first hand from Martie the stories from her first 150 days in Kruger

We were hopeful of great sightings but I think the wind, cold and mist were against us.

We managed to find elephant, rhino, Wahlbergs eagle, breeding herd of elephants with the young ones shaking their heads at our vehicle, kudu, impala, 2 white tail mongoose, 2 hippo a long way from water, buffalo with both horns broken off, giraffe and 1 small and 2 large spotted genets

Another great day comes to an end and our rhino tally was again 16.

We also managed to stay on step ahead of the squirrels.

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