Monday, October 5, 2009

Last Full Day.

Wednesday 30th September.

A quick trip to Malelane for David to get a haircut and a beer stop at Pick n Pay and we were on our way for the day.

We had a quick stop with the dogs who were still on the S114 and headed up to Afsaal picnic spot.

We did a bit more last minute shopping and had a quick chat with Jappie the manager(rugby and cricket) before heading off on the H2-2.

We again had all the usual sightings.

Our first special for the afternoon was a rhino emerging from his mud bath at James pan.

IMG_9055 IMG_9063

He was followed by a herd of more than 40 ellies

IMGP9384 IMG_9122 IMG_9130 IMG_9153

The dogs again doing what dogs do best.

IMGP9417 IMG_9163 IMG_9164 IMGP9433 IMG_9227


IMG_9262 IMG_9277

Lion and lioness on the Berg en Dal road



The King opposite side of road to bush braai

IMG_9392 IMG_9452

The King had been on our wish list and it was great to get some photos of him. He wasn’t close to the road and my camera with the bigger lens died after a few shots. Quite happy with what we got though.

Time was moving and we needed to get back to camp.

We had invited Martie to the restaurant to share our last meal in the Park, and we still had the task of packing our bags for the trip to Pretoria.

We enjoyed a special sighting at the restaurant. A large spotted genet strolling past the back window.

Also noticed an accident waiting to happen at a nearby bungalow.

Sunroof left open in a new Volvo.

Could have been an interesting story here if the vervets and squirrels had been more observant.

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