Monday, November 30, 2009


Saturday 3rd October

Another full day today.

We leave Pretoria and drive to Hartbeespoort Dam.It is a busy Saturday morning and takes us about 30 minutes to be able to cross the dam wall.

Once across we continue to the Chameleon Markets



Sustenance is required before we hit the market stalls  and we choose the pancake shop just before the markets


Great bargains abound at these markets, but the stallholders are  pushy and in your face.

I knew this would be the the last chance to shop for gifts to take home and was disappointed because we were literally stalked down the aisles.

We drove back to Pretoria with less than expected goodies and readied for our trip to Centurion for a FORUM MEET.

Info & pics on pg15

It was the perfect end to a near perfect holiday in South Africa.

We met so many wonderful forumites and their families, and consider them all to be extended family.


Sunday was a do nothing day….well pack the bags day.

Monday …….. D day.

Bags packed.

Van packed.

Quick stop at a post shop to despatch two parcels.

On our way to OT International by 9.30.

We handed over the vehicle and once inside had our bags wrapped in plastic.

Check in, passport control and boarding can be a headache, but for this trip it was not a problem because Katie had assistance from Singapore Airlines personnel as soon as we entered the terminal.

This assistance had us in the departure lounge in less than 30 minutes.

A quick meal and last minute gifts and it was time to board.

Departure was 12.30pm

Sadness descended but another trip in on the drawing board.


Not soon enough.


Coming up: Singapore/Trip highs and lows/more photos

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